Stills from Klaus Wyborny's "Pictures of the Lost Word"


"One day, when I was still a very young girl, I went home from school with Francis Picabia's late son. He informed me about a new invention which he called "television". I liked this idea for quite a while. He, however, continued: "and you can see the singers sing and move their arms." His enthusiasm was quite embarassing and I refused to bother about television any more..."

"Right now, as I work as a truck driver I like to think ... I like to think of film as being a long assembly-line on which the filmmaker sits and works, putting information to each single frame that passes his path of existence. Just like these women do it in the factories where they build transistor radios following a planned schedule. Maybe the filmmaker also is the engineer who plans the schedule, but, honestly, I don't really think he is..."

Klaus Wyborny
Pictures of the Lost Word - Part 1

Klaus Wyborny
Pictures of the Lost Word - Part 2

Klaus Wyborny
Pictures of the Lost Word - Part 3

"One year later Werner Herzog asked me to help him shoot some footage in Ireland. This year had been horrible. I was cleaning oil-tanks and worked as a computer-programmer. In the evenings I got home from work, went into bars, got drunk and endend in weird situations. Fucking got worse and worse. There were no pictures worth being recorded..."


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