Verwegen den Wellen entgegen

Partitur für eine Performance in der Buch Handlung Welt am 24.5.77
ebenfalls aufgeführt im Collective for Living Cinema, New York, 18.11.77

(veröffentlicht in Henry 5, Hamburg 1977)



A Review:

I saw only two performances this season that really knocked me out (and this, in the supposed flowering of performance art in N.Y.). One was Dan Graham at P.S.1 and the other was Wyborny at the Collective. Wyborny's was deceptively simple, and I think, more tightly structured than it appeared. Using some Canal Street junk as a settingWyborny blew up, with a foot punp, a large inflatable raft, the sound of the footpump accompanying a tape of the Beethoven opus 111, sat in the raft, put the paddle in a bucket of water and read some poetry in German - looks ridiculous in print but was remarkable to see and particularily to hear.

- Amy Taubin, Soho Weekly News New York, June 15, 1978


Ende von Verwegen den Wellen entgegen

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