Ankündigung des Filmprogramms auf der Viennal Vienna International Filmfestival

Oktober 2002

Klaus Wyborny

In the same manner as Werner Nekes, Heinz Emigholz or the late Helmut Costard, Klaus Wyborny creates a form of cinema, that does not really exist: a narrative, experimental, documentary, avant-garde, literary, abstract and at the same time extremely direct, sensual, musical and concrete cinema. Simultaneously it is also an obsessive, personal and radical form of cinema, which refuses to comply with any classifications and rules. Wyborny’s films are shown far too seldom, according to filmmaker Jonas Mekas. In recognition of this fact, the VIENNALE pays tribute to the German filmmaker, presenting a selection of his most important films. These include Die Geburt der Nation (The Birth of a Nation, 1973), Verlassen Verloren Einsam Kalt (Abandoned, Lost, Lonely, Cold; 1985) and Das Offene Universum (The Open Universe, 1991).

In the course of this VIENNALE homage, Wyborny’s most recent piece, Sulla, (with Hanns Zischler staring as the Roman emperor) will have its world premiere.