Noel Carroll über "6 kleine Stücke auf Film"

in "Filmworks 78-79 in The Kitchen", SoHo Weekly News, May 10, 1979

... Klaus Wyborny's "Six little Pieces on Film" is the type of work that one is more accustomed to see in Sohos's showcases. Its a Structural film comprised of five or six sequences. Within each there are a set number of shots or kinds of shots which are repeated with variations in camera speed, shot length and processing. Wyborny's subjects include a harbor, a house, an urban street and industrial sites. At tiomes the images fly by so fast that we struggle to recognize them. When the cutting slows down, we can begin to get a sense of place but then the editing will speed up again and the images are turned into elaborate rhythmic patterns. The kinds of perceptual experiences the film affords are characteristic of the Structural genre rather than innovative, but pleasurable nonetheless. ....

note: there are six different sets of images and there are no variations in camera speed or processing in this film (K. W.)