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121 Minuten 16mm Lichtton 1990-2001
Produktion, Regie, Buch, Kamera, Musik, Schnitt - K.Wyborny
Hanns Zischler als Lucius Cornelius Sulla - Corinna Belz als Mathilde - Gert Schaefer als Aemilius Lepidus
Christian von Maltzan als Licinius Crassus - Charles Regnier als Metellus Pius - Raphael Lenné als Sergius Orata, Christopher Mondt als Pompeius Magnus, sowie Marlis Roth, Hanno Willig und Philipp Pfeiffer

Screenings in Rotterdam

25 jan 16:45 Cinerama 5
27 jan 19:45Cinerama 5
29 jan 17:00 Cinerama 5
30 jan 11:45 Pathé 6

Modernist portrait of Roman politician, in which pornography and civilisation go hand in hand. With the legendary Hans Zischler.

A clash between modernism and classicism. The avant-garde film maker Klaus Wyborny identifies himself with the Roman conqueror and dictator Lucius Cornelius Sulla. Wyborny makes his actor - wearing a combination of classical and contemporary clothing, the traditional toga with a fashionable T-shirt underneath - balance between present and passed. He investigates the inner life of Sulla and his relationship to nature, but also stops to examine the emerging forces that shaped the rise of Sulla's empire. By confronting the physical Sulla with the spiritual one, Wyborny manages to sketch an exceptional portrait of the classical politician in which pornography and inner civilisation go hand-in-hand. The story is set against the background of a bloody civil war in the Roman Empire. Sulla is in the countryside outside Rome and prepares to move into the city, that is in the hands of his enemies. He waits and turns to reflections. And to his lust. A taciturn Sulla is played by the famous actor Hans Zischler. An exuberant voice-over (read by Wyborny himself) provides a stream of consciousness that expresses the thoughts of the tormented Sulla. This picture of power is sometimes very literary, but also perverted and comic.

- from the catalogue of the Rotterdam International Filmfestival 2003

Wybornys most recent film is a startling modern take on Roman victor and dictator Lucius Cornelius Sulla. Combining traditional togas and contemporary casual clothes, the German director stages a visually puzzling balancing act between the Roman era and the present. He examines Sullas inner world and his distorted relationship to nature as well as the outer influences in his building of a nation. Juxtaposing the functions of Sullas body and mind, Wyborny has created a stunning portrait of the politician, in which he blurs the lines between advanced civilization and pornography.

- from the catalogue of the Viennale Vienna International Filmfestival 2002

Kurzkritik von Hans Schifferle (aus Süddeutsche Zeitung von 29.10.2002)

complete English subtitles



1. Kameraassistent und Licht - Philipp Pfeiffer, 2. Kameraassistent und Ton - Christopher Mondt
Produktionsleitung - Marlis Roth; Produktionsassistenz - Christian von Maltzan
Kostüme - Anne WiIlig-Lüchow; Ausstattung - Uta Reichardt; Perücke für Frau Belz - Birgit Diao
Sound Design - Hartmut Teschemacher; Geräusche - Martin Langenbach; Mischung - Pierre Brand
Titel - Udo Engel; Fahrer - Gert Schaefer

weitere Informationen (in German):

"Projektbeschreibung" -sowie- Text der ersten 20 Minuten

Dank an

Albergo Santuccio und Associazione della Passione di Cristo Sezze, Sabaudia Immobiliare
Heinz Emigholz, Charles Regnier, Alexander Wesemann, Reinhard Hinrichs, Rüdiger Neumann, Gabriele Leidloff, Jean Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet, Christoph Schlingensief, Franz Josef Schuh, Marco Puccioni und Carola Regnier

Roman "Sulla" von K.Wyborny erschienen im Typee-Verlag Hamburg
als Vierter Teil seiner Romanserie
"Comédie Artistique - Aus einem Künstlerleben"

produziert mit Hilfe der Filmförderung Hamburg
(gefördert vom Filmmachergremium Hellmuth Costard, Adolf Winkelmann, Fosco Dubini)

c copyright 2002 K.Wyborny